Crosman PSM45 Air Pistol Features. 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If you don't see your model displayed here it is recommended that you click on the button at the bottom of this page and send us an email, as we may still be able to find what you need. Read more. Collection from Solware . The most helpful favorable review. In stock. THE CROSMAN NEWSLETTER. Addaca t/a Pellpax is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 652882. Credit is subject to status. This item … We have many spare parts that are not yet online. Bagnall and Kirkwood Airgun Spares Online store for all your spares airgun needs. Submit a request. Customer Reviews for Crosman PSM45 Spring Average Customer Review 4.0 (24 reviews) 5 star. Instore purchases may incurr a restocking charge. £1.00 postage. 3 star. "),d=t;a[0]in d||!d.execScript||d.execScript("var "+a[0]);for(var e;a.length&&(e=a.shift());)a.length||void 0===c?d[e]?d=d[e]:d=d[e]={}:d[e]=c};function v(b){var c=b.length;if(0=b[e].o&&a.height>=b[e].m)&&(b[e]={rw:a.width,rh:a.height,ow:a.naturalWidth,oh:a.naturalHeight})}return b}var C="";u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.getBeaconData",function(){return C});u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run",function(b,c,a,d,e,f){var r=new y(b,c,a,e,f);x=r;d&&w(function(){window.setTimeout(function(){A(r)},0)})});})();pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run('/mod_pagespeed_beacon','','2L-ZMDIrHf',true,false,'yfjO2pRMjh4'); Free postage. Crosman 2 x Stock Spare Screw 2240 2250 2260 Genui . Crosman Pellgun Oil. With .177 magazines and .22 magazines, there are speed loaders, and more. Non firearms orders dispatched within 48 hours subject to stock availability. RFD Fee + Delivery Surcharge + £35.00 £29.17. 1 star (15 votes) (4 votes) (2 votes) (3 votes) Crosman PSM45 Spring. Ideal to have plenty loaded to enjoy faster shooting. Weekly Firearms Deliveries 11 of 38. Crosman Pro Bloxs Speedloader Magazines for the Crosman 1077. Adult supervision required. Crosman Gas Co2 Replica Air Pistols. £99.99 ; Buy; Need help & advice. P10 Owner's … Reminds me alot of a glock 21. The goods must be in new condition and include all original packaging. Packs of 3 spare magazines. Give us a call on 01263 731585 or contact us and we'll do our best to assist you. Great choice for those on a tight budget. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. 20 shot magazine. Crosman Co2, Nitro Piston, PCP and Pneumatic air rifles and pistols. Ideal for plinking and target shooting, this pistol has an under-mounted rail for lasers or torches. Crosman PSM45The Crosman PSM45 is a spring BB pistol with a realistic look and weight, thanks to its metal internals and metal slide. In packs of three. The Crosman PSM45 is a spring BB pistol with a realistic look and weight, thanks to its metal internals and metal slide. Holds 25 BB’s and 2 x 12g CO2 capsules. Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .177 Pellets. as in pictures, used crosman parts. // Air Guns, Air Rifles & Air Pistols delivered weekly to your door • 01263 731585. In-stock . ");b!=Array.prototype&&b!=Object.prototype&&(b[c]=a.value)},h="undefined"!=typeof window&&window===this?this:"undefined"!=typeof global&&null!=global?global:this,k=["String","prototype","repeat"],l=0;lb||1342177279>>=1)c+=c;return a};q!=p&&null!=q&&g(h,n,{configurable:!0,writable:!0,value:q});var t=this;function u(b,c){var a=b.split(". Subtotal: 44.1 € +-You do not need to buy a CO2 capsules anymore! 2 star. 20 shot magazine; Warning: Not a toy. CO2 not included. Shoots BBs; Metal slide, polymer frame; Spring powered; Single shot; 20 shot magazine; Fixed front and rear sights; Accessory rail; Manual safety; Grip features stippling and grooves; Under-barrel Picatinny rail for mounting laser or flashlight; Click here for California's Proposition 65 warning. Strong and robustly built. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful: Overall rating: 5.0. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. All rights reserved. Type of Sale. This compact, polymer spring-powered air pistol slings standard 4.5 mm BBs up to 190 fps. Has to be the best budget spring bb pistol i've shot so far! Benjamim / Crosman Marauder Armada Spare Magazine .177 .22 PCP Air Pistol Rifle . !b.a.length)for(a+="&ci="+encodeURIComponent(b.a[0]),d=1;d=a.length+e.length&&(a+=e)}b.i&&(e="&rd="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(B())),131072>=a.length+e.length&&(a+=e),c=!0);C=a;if(c){d=b.h;b=b.j;var f;if(window.XMLHttpRequest)f=new XMLHttpRequest;else if(window.ActiveXObject)try{f=new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")}catch(r){try{f=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")}catch(D){}}f&&("POST",d+(-1==d.indexOf("?")?"? RWS Superdome .22 Pellets. Product description With a realistic weight and feel, the PSM45 is perfect for plinking or honing your marksmanship fundamentals. Ending 9 Nov at 8:47PM GMT 1d 16h. Order Line: 01937 833 757 Monday Closed, Tuesday - Wednesday 9am-5pm, Thursday Closed, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 10am-1pm | 01937 833 757 | Contact Us. It is compatible with all DPMS SBR's, the Bushmaster MPW, and R1 Full Auto. vintage sussex armoury air rifle target (crosman panther airguns) £0.99. Quickview. 904 26. airzap. In stock. Addaca t/a Pellpax is acting as a credit broker offering finance products from Omni Capital Retail Finance Limited. 2 star. Need help and advice? Crossman 6 Shot Vigilante Speed Loader BB Magazines X 3 Pack 4.5mm Steel Magazin. RWS Superdome .177 Pellets Crosman 2240 Silencer Adaptor. Post 1:07 AM - Mar 27 #1 2020-03-27T01:07. The Crosman QR-Mag will significantly cut down the time you spend reloading magazines! £14.95 New. Crosman 2 x stock spare screw 2240 2250 2260. £26.79 to £27.19. Accessory rail. Genuine shoulder stock from crosman designed to replace or enhance your existing crosman model. PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT : This product is for the UK Market only. Crosman PSM45 Steel BB Pistol 4.5mm - OUT OF STOCK - quantity. DPMS SBR SPARE MAGAZINE DROP-DOWN STYLE WITH 25-ROUND BB CAPACITY (BBs not included) HOLDS 2 12-GRAM CO2 POWERLET CARTRIDGES (CO2 not included) BUY MORE THAN ONE - And keep the action going! Ideal for plinking and target shooting, this pistol has an under-mounted rail for lasers or torches. Pay orders in convenient ways: cash to the courier, by bank transfer on the receipt of the bank or by credit card right at the time of the order. Crosman Air Pistols; Follow PSM45 Owner's Manual. Subscribe to our newsletter to be upto date with the items! We cannot ship to any other country without an Export License in place. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death.  12 months warrantyGuarantee for all purchased goods in our online store is 12 months,  Return and exchangeYou can return the items purchased within 14 days. Have more questions? Crosman Air Rifles. £69.49 ; Buy; Quickview Umarex M1A1 Spare Magazine. Model Number: PSM45: Name / Description: Spring Powered, Single Shot, Metal Slide Air Pistol: Dates of Manufacture: 2015: Owner's Manual: PSM45A515.pdf: Parts Diagram: N/A: PSM45A515.pdf (800 KB) Was this article helpful? Don't see what you are looking for? Just got it this afternoon. 1008 Owner's Manual & EVP (1992-1997) 1008 Owner's Manual & EVP (1997-Present) 1008SB Owner's Manual & EVP (1994 … Crosman Premier Pellets .177 4.5mm Hollow Point Airgun Air Rifle Pistol crossman. Due to changes in the law (VCR Act-Oct 2007) you have to be 18 years or older to purchase ANY firearm Air Guns, Suppressor, Moderator or Silencer. After firing about 100 bbs, the gun started to fail when the clip was about half full. The Crosman PSM45 is a spring BB pistol with a realistic look and weight, thanks to its metal internals and metal slide. Add to Cart. To keep up to date with the latest news, exclusive brands and fantastic new products, sign up to our newsletter today. Realistic weight. Crosman came up with a spring pistol. Crosman PSM45. PRODUCT RESTRICTION. Crosman 2020 Catalog. 0 out of 0 found this helpful. Enjoy round after round of the latest news, campaigns, videos and first release gear-drops from Crosman. Standard Large Items Delivery - Over 2kg From £7.99, Guarantee for all purchased goods in our online store is 12 months, You can return the items purchased within 14 days. Write a review. SKU: CPSM45 Category: Spring Air Pistols Tag: Crosman PSM45 Steel BB Pistol 4.5mm. 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