Sankyo is a great source for any serious music box collector. // ]]> One can almost picture a wee little Audrey Hepburn (or Julie Andrews for you theater types) twirling about on the tabletop as you play this music box movement. The Music Box Company was founded in 1988 in San Francisco, California, with humble beginnings, it quickly grew to several stores, specializing in unique and high quality musicals Contact FAQ We can play it over the phone for you. Music box Sound Bites of 18 note movements (mechanisms), Soundbites of  the most popular 18 note movements. Many of our customers have asked to hear some of the tunes that are placed in our music boxes. Depending how many teeth are on the comb (music notes) a single tune (1 full revolution) can play anywhere from 12 seconds up to 50 seconds with a running play time of a few minutes up to half an hour! Musical 18 Note Movement Standard Model Approx 2"x 2.5"x 3/4"Deep To View Titles Click on the Drop Down List. Find the box you want the music to be played in. ... music box insert, music box supply, 18 note music box, musical box, mechanical music box socksandmonkeyhugs. Maximum 60 characters per line. But we can usually be done within a day outside of the busy holiday season. For more detailed information click here. We carry the following brands: Reuge / Romance, Sankyo/Orpheus and Yunsheng / Rhymes. If you upload your file, provide a link from YouTube, simply provide the name of the song and artist and NOT choose to convert it, the song will sound and playback just like you normally hear it. Box 12700 Scottsdale, AZ 85267 U.S.A. Orders: 1-800-552-1520 1-480-483-3711 ... 18-Tooth Music Movement Governor Fan. 7" Steel String Guitar w/Pick Guard • Height: 7 in. 99. You can submit the sound file a few ways. Call us during business hours (9 - 5 PST/ M - F) by phone at (866)622-8842 for immediate resolution, or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. What if I need to cancel or return my order? The music is exquisite. The sound is phenomenal with clear, crisp playback. The spring is wound using a … Yes, the best way to get our best coupons is to sign up for our newsletter where from time to time we might offer a coupon up to 25% off. Favorite Add to Pachelbel’s Canon or Song of your Choice, Gold musical movement, wind up music box, music box insert, 18 note music box, musical Odyssey359. Out of stock Ballerina Revolving Doll Movement 1/18BAL. Via Online at, by calling us at (866)622-8842 or email us and we will send you a Pay Pal money request and an order confirmation. All movements are tested before shipping. Here at Music Box Attic, we offer a range of musical movements. 5 out of 5 stars (500) 500 reviews $ 15.00 Bestseller Favorite Add to This is just to ensure that your box is evaluated prior to sending it to us. Music Box Attic Premium Gift Wrap - 19.99, Red Heart and Red Roses Gift Wrap - 24.99, White Roses and White Ribbon Wrap - 17.99, Get News, Promotions, & Special Offers In Your Inbox, Romantic, Love, Wedding & Anniversary Inlays, 18 Note Mechanical Movement with Ballerina Attachment. Please Click here to see all the options we have available. Size: 1-1/16"H x 2-3/16" W x 1-7/8"D. Click here to listen: I Could Have Danced All Night. Contrary to what might come to the mind of a novice, these mechanisms do not just play 18 notes and then stop. 1 After the Loving 2 All I Ask Of You (Phantom of the Opera) 3 Aloha Oe *Gift wrap coloration may slightly differ from the below images due to actual product's original packaging. PLEASE NOTE, GIFT WRAP AND ENGRAVEMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER (unless the engravement is improper) Each and every individual gift is careful wrapped, just like featured below! Choose if you want us to convert your song to music box style sound. ... Handcrafted 18 Note Sorrento Music Box with Christmas Theme Wood Inlay of a Christmas Ornament $138.99 $262.99 ... 18 Note Movement Pull String with Case. How long does it take for me to receive my order if I reside with the US? vs_account_id = "Ch4Nm1lTx1tYbwCl"; Please contact us by email at or by phone at (866)622-8842 for further details. Cousins UK for Music Box Movements. A Reuge 1 tune 18 note pull string music box movement. Do you offer discounts on large quantity orders? // ]]>, Have any questions or comments? Not at this current time. $4.50. We have melodies from various genres of traditional tunes from Classical to children's Lullabies, Inspirational Gospel to pop. How can I find out the status of my order? See chart for visual reference. Yes, but only for a certain range of music boxes. Things really become quite interesting by the time you get to parts two and three. Below you will find a music clip of 18 – 50 note versions of the melody. Its printed on the movement 40cm pendulum. A Reuge 1 tune 18 note pull string music box movement. BIG 2 Day New Year 20% Site Wide Sale code - welcome21, NOTE QUANTITY DISCOUNT:2 - 3   = $27.99/each4 - 5   = $24.99/each6 - 10 = $22.99/each11-20  =$19.99/each21+      =$14.99/eachReflected in shopping cart. 99. [CDATA[ We can be here for a while, so instead click here to learn more about music box movements! The 18 note movement is the "base" movement from our selection of mechanical music. We mainly do repairs on larger size Swiss mechanical movement inside a music box and not the music box itself. The comb and barrel are in effect, created for each other and are tune specific. The size of the comb describes the mechanism. FeMelody focus on the field of musical box movements, all kinds of musical movements, hand crank musical movements, pull string music boxes,key wind up musical box movement,battery operated musical movement,12 note,17 note,18 note, 22 note,28 note,30 note,36 note,50 note,78 note,156 note musical movement, all musical box movements are made of metal,a mechanical sound device, It’s … If you choose our conversion service which is an additional $75, your song will be converted and will sound similar to the Converted Songs here. $45.99. Large selection of melodies. Song List Quality Sankyo Japanese Music Box Movements Listen to Music Box Samples - We will be happy to play a music box movement over the phone. Price: US$7.00 per piece. Engrave a photo onto a plate that is fixed to the music box. Description: Steel fan for older Reuge music movement governors. 3 screws and 1 T- bar turning key per piece are included. The brand you get are dependent on which tune you select. You may request to hear your conversion before we ship your order out during the checkout or email us at any time after your order. You'll find a variety of wood inlays here. This is the standard model of the musical movement and maybe most familiar type. We will always accommodate any change granted that the order hasn't shipped. Place inside stuffed animals, jewelry boxes, in a small box disguised to look like a present, decorated and used as an ornament, etc. Should I choose the extra $75 option if my song is already in music box format? service available on the Internet! What is the difference between and 18 and 30 note? Call us anytime to place the order (818)255-0871, click the chat button or email us and we will help you. Find the box you want, follow few easy steps to customize with your song. Key included. When you order a single 18 note movement, the following items are included with your purchase: - (1) 18 note mechanical movement      - (1) winding key      - (1) Wire stopper      - (3) 1/4" screws Optional components available for purchase: - Brass Pin (works in conjunction with wire stopper to start/stop music)      - Tube Stopper (alternative method to stop music via tilting)      - Plastic Case (multiple uses, primarily for use in stuffed toys)       * we do not include wire stoppers with plastic cases since you can't put them on the movement in a case     - Additional Winding key      - Additional Wirestoppers FAQ (about 18 note movements)      - Playing time = 17 seconds (full rotation of cylinder) / 4 minutes (total)      - Dimensions = 2" L x 1.75" W x .75" H      - Brands we carry = Reuge/Romance (swiss), Sankyo, Rhymes and Yen Sheng      - Brand you received = Dependent on the tune you select. FREE Shipping. POPULAR CLASSIC AND CLASSICAL MELODIES PLAY FOR UP TO A FULL THREE MINUTES. Here Comes the Bride). Add our custom conversion service and your song will be transformed from its original version to a music box style digital sound. Every situation is unique so please contact us at (866) 622-8842 to discuss your proposal. Yes you can but before you do, please contact us by email at or by phone at (866)622-8842. However, we are looking at this venue for future consideration. 99 Each. • Music Tune: Yesterday • 18 Note Music Box • Height: 7 in. You can even mail us a check, money order or cashier's check (contact us for mail payment details). You can follow your orders transit after it has shipped from our warehouse. ( 1 tune, 18 notes)   Some new 1.22 note movements  are available. Engrave directly onto the music box. The cylinder musical movement was invented in 1796 and for the first time, people could listen to mechanically reproduced music in their own homes. Minda Music School & Store 1456 Beltline Rd. It is the most popular way of inserting any song, sound or recording into any box you want (yours or ours). You can submit text in other languages or even a photograph. If I have my own box, can I send it to you to put the music in? *Note - Conversion & Music Upload is optional, it is not required, although we highly recommend we do the music loading for you as we will edit and make the sound perfect, at no cost. All Swiss movements are listed accordingly in the above "music selection" drop down list. 99. They can vary in physical size and playing time. We ship out non-custom orders same or the next business day. Manufactured by Sankyo. Ballerina Revolving Doll Movement S2/SP. Musical movements came long before the invention of the phonograph back in 1877. Not sure how to choose the right song? Please feel free to call us if you wish to hear a tune that is not on this list. What's the difference between a music box and a jewelry box? Yes, we sure do, we do direct to wood and on the box engraving. Scroll down to the product options and click on the "CUSTOM MUSIC OPTIONS" tab, continue to choose the type of module, L1, L2 or L3. Click here for further details on our return policy. It may take a little while to download and was created without the aid of a professional sound person so please understand there maybe extraneous sounds or variances in the volume control; but, at least you will get a basic idea of what the music sounds like. ....likewise a 36, 50 or 72 note movement would have a comb with 36, 50 or 72 prongs. Your purchase with us will be hassle free and our after purchase offers are the best you'll come across. We have about 100 songs in stock, so please choose your favorite tunes from the list. Why don't all the boxes have the same music available? For the majority of our music boxes are assembled in our facility in Los Angeles, CA. $35.75 $ 35. 18-note windup music box mechanisms play up to 3 minues. With many years of experience, we have tried many different designs and techniques. 18 Note Mechanical Movement Music Box Component with Winding Key – DIY Custom Music Box Mechanism, Music Box Parts – Choose Your own Song. We do offer the ability to facilitate having a custom mechanical movement created for you. Some items have preinstalled tunes and those will be the only songs for that particular item. A music box can be interpreted in various ways. in this case, 18 prongs or 18 musical tones are available to play during the course of a melody. $3.99 shipping. Even though its a big case it still has standard size 34 movement. If you provide a music box sound file or a link from YouTube with a song that has already been converted in the past, you don't need to choose the $75 extra option since the song has already been done before. 18 note, 30, 36, 50, 72, 100 or 144 note combs play longer with more embellishment and more melodies. Not at this current time. Sorrento boxes) requires that you select a song from a list of available tunes located the actual product page. To see how the process works, please see here. After a few hundred dollars, the price tends to increase as you incorporate higher note movements (music). Spring housing (clock-spring, ratchet wheel / winding key)- The clock spring is the driving force behind a music box mechanism. Contrary to what might come to the mind of a novice, these mechanisms do not just play 18 notes and then stop. Each music box mechanism measures approximately 2 1/8 " … Brass Cane Hardware $ 9. Please click here here for further details on custom tune creating. Yes, please Click here to see your shipping options with estimated time frames and costs. We stock 30 and 36 note mechanisms, 50 and 72 note mechanisms ( sometimes referred to as movements, tunes or melodies) and we have soundbite libraries (or pages on our website) for each category. With enormous amount of feedback Submitting a previously converted melody will save you money and speed up the delivery time frame. Can any music box have any size note inside? High Quality; Single Melody; 18 note movements; Size: 52 x 44 x 21mm Yes, please Click here for further details on how to go about mail in payments. Although of course the main difference between a standard jewelry box and music jewelry box is one has music and the other does not. On the website you will find many boxes with just one option for the movement size, that is because it doesn't have a large enough compartment to fit a bigger size movement. Here is an example of Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune". Your order confirmation email has the link which you can click on anytime to view the status of your order. Yes, we are able to accommodate custom inlaid Sorrento boxes as well as figurine style items, globes and other similar items that we sell on our website. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a printed catalog at this time. ©Copyright 1997-2021 THEMUSICHOUSE.COM, INC. All Rights Reserved, THEMUSICHOUSE.COM, INC.(formerly Port Washington Music House established 1965 in Port Washington, NY)DADE CITY, FLORIDA 33525. Even the Swiss bear this out. Some of the later additions are from the Nidec-Sankyo Tune List and they are note for note simulations (not the actual tonality) of the  mechanisms themselves. The music box will play back the original version of the song, an instrumental, a unique version you might have or we can even convert the song to play just like a mechanical music box movement. [CDATA[ Browse our frequently asked questions to learn more about our music boxes. Please email us here with any of your questions. Look for custom music options after you find your favorite music box, tell us the song you’d like and you’ll have it at your door step in a few days. Adding in your own music or recordings to a music box is simple. The Attic family has the most unique and one of a kind Gift Wrapping The shorter tines produce high tones while the longer ones produce the low tones. List Price: $24.99. A 30 note movement with 30 prongs (or available tones) enables more musical embellishment and plays a bit longer. We accept all major credit cards as well as Pay pal. Think of the standard 18 note movement as an outline of a tune. Our engraving services go well beyond the traditional standards and at a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else. 18 Note Music Box Movements - White Cover and Spare Key- Lots of New Songs + Odyssey359. The Swiss firm Jobin buys the main components of their 50 and 72-Note movements from Sankyo to produce their "Swiss-made music boxes". However, we are looking at this venue for future consideration. In order from lowest to highest, the movements we carry are as follows: 18, 22, 30, 36, 50, 72 & 144 Note The brands we carry for the 18 note movements are Reuge/Romance (Swiss), Sankyo, Rhymes and Yen Sheng. 18-Note Musical Movement; Choose from "Blue Danube" or "Greensleeves" Movement plays up to 3 minutes when fully wound; Dimensions: 2" W x 1-3/4" D x 7/8" H Musical Movements and Music Box Movements with removable plastic shell and base. We also directly specialize in Handmade Sorrento music boxes from Italy. After the year goes by you are able to add to your order a lifetime warranty for just a few bucks at checkout which covers pretty much everything you can think of. It is good for making your own music boxes and replacement for broken music boxes. Usually about 1 to 2 days, add the conversion and add another day. Within the digital module option, you can choose to have your recorded file “converted” to sound like a music box. It is an optional service we provide for your convenience located on any product page under music selection. * No returns on musical movements. Click here to sign up for our newsletter and receive immediate savings. You can place an order 3 ways. It's the magical sound behind the music box. Ballerina Doll For Music Box Movements BAL1. These high quality music box modules fit nearly an hour of music. Quartz Clock Movement and Pendulum Set $ 15. Music Box Movements and Animation Attachments. Depending on the shipping method you choose it can be anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. 22 note, 30 note) has its own respective list of available songs. This is a 1 tune 18 note clockwork music box ballerina movement. If ordering online, you can upload it directly on the product page. The auto night cutoff was interesting. USA, Canada, International. Price $15.19. They sell these in Switzerland and to other parts of the world. 25 sheets Don't forget to do this and that. //